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Spotlight February 2014

How do I get ready for UTSA’s UTShare/PeopleSoft Go-Live?

To assist with the transition from DEFINE and its related systems (UTDirect, HRMS and Point Plus) to PeopleSoft, several resources are available to the campus including:
  • Open Forum Sessions Two sessions, (April 3rd and 14th) for  Unit Administrators and Senior Administrative staff for answering questions, reviewing major changes and key awareness points.
  • Cutover Activities Calendar - Cutover activities refer to the dates that DEFINE and related systems’ transactions will end in order to prepare data for transfer into UTShare/PeopleSoft.  Similar to the approach used at Fiscal Year-end, the Cutover Activities calendar assists Departments with processing end dates. 
  • Guide for the Transition to UTShare/PeopleSoft An online reference document describing new business processes occurring at UTSA. 
  • UTShare/PeopleSoft Training - Classroom and online training for the UTSA campus community.      

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