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Welcome to Disbursements & Travel Services

Disbursements & Travel Services

assists the UTSA community and its vendors with the following services:
  • Prompt payment of invoices for purchased goods and services in accordance with state laws and best business practices.

  • Administration of travel authorizations, arrangements and expense reimbursements.

  • Processing charges between departments for goods and services normally rendered by service centers, referred to as inter-departmental transfers (IDTs)

  • Business Expense Form processing.

  • Communication and training on policies and procedures related to the business of the department.


What's New
03/04/2014: Travel Advance Card Request (TAC) - Split existing TAR form into TAC and TAR form.
03/04/2014: Travel Advance Request (TAR) - Split existing TAR form into TAC and TAR form.
02/13/2014: W-9 UTSA Form - Published revised IRS form.
01/06/2014: Travel Reimbursement - Update Travel Reimbursement FMOG to include new mileage rate for 2014.
12/18/2013: Travel Reimbursement/Settlement (TRS) - Updated Mileage Reimbursement rate from Jan 1 through Dec 31 2014 to 0.560.
12/18/2013: Mileage/Parking Log for Travel Reimbursement - Includes next fiscal year for mileage reimbursement.
10/22/2013: Participant Advance - Updated the acronym OSP to reflect the RSC (Research Service Center) on the Participant Advance Form. Updated location for DTS. DTS office fax number updated as well.

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