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Welcome to Disbursements & Travel Services

Disbursements & Travel Services

assists the UTSA community and its vendors with the following services:
  • Prompt payment of invoices for purchased goods and services in accordance with state laws and best business practices.

  • Administration of travel authorizations, arrangements and expense reimbursements.

  • Processing charges between departments for goods and services normally rendered by service centers, referred to as inter-departmental transfers (IDTs)

  • Business Expense Form processing.

  • Communication and training on policies and procedures related to the business of the department.


What's New
10/22/2014: Travel Advances - Updated Section D Funds and Account IDs to be Charged. Update to Section E Travel Advance Request (TAR). Updated REFERENCES/LINKS section.
08/07/2014: Participant Advance - Updated description and added 'Human Study Start Date and End Date."
06/20/2014: Travel Reimbursement/Settlement (TRS) - Added TAC and Travel Advance option to prepayment method details.
06/10/2014: Wire Transfer Request - Updated Cost Center to accept letters and numbers. Updated signature fields at bottom.
05/09/2014: UTSA Supplier Information Form - Form created.
05/09/2014: UTSA Supplier Information Instructions - Form created.
05/08/2014: Texas Prompt Payment Law - Updated DEFINE information for transition to PeopleSoft.

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