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Student Organizations

Mandatory Get Oriented Sessions
Get Orientated Agenda

To register for fall 2011, all organizations must attend one session

One student may represent up to two organizations.  If you are not present within two minutes of the start time, you will have to choose a different session to attend.

Make Up Sessions Dates

Make up sessions are currently being planned for the summer. Please check back at a later date for more information.

These make up sessions do not include the Events Management Training that is required to reserve space on campus.  See http://www.utsa.edu/events/events_workshops.html for upcoming dates and times.
Sessions are divided into two parts.  The first part will discuss the new on-line registration process and other general student organization topics.  The second part will be a training session facilitated by Events Management (this is required if you want to reserve space on campus next academic year). 


Student Activities is excited to announce that registration for student organizations is moving to an on-line process. 

On-line Registration Steps

State Mandated Risk Management Training

UTSA Student Organizations are required to send two students leaders each academic year to a State Mandated Risk Management Training provided by the Office of Student Activities.  Advisors of student organizations are required to attend only one time.

Once the organization has had two leaders attend a training session, it is the duty of those representatives to ensure the members of their organization are aware of the information presented.  The link below will provide you the tools to assist you in presenting the material to your organization.
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