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The College of Architecture offers three undergraduate degrees focused on various aspects of the built environment. The Department of Architecture houses the Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture and the Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. The Department of Construction Science houses the Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Science and Management. The College also includes undergraduate courses in Urban and Regional Planning. The COA faculty are a very diverse group of scholars and practitioners. Among them are well-recognized educators, scholars, and designers who have achieved national and international recognition for their research, publications, and professional practices.

The COA International Studies / Signature Experience Requirement

All undergraduate students in the College of Architecture are required to participate in an approved International Studies / Signature Experience opportunity as a condition of graduation. The COA International Studies / Signature Experience requirement is intended to expose students to educational opportunities that go beyond the traditional academic experience. Participation in International Studies is the primary means to satisfy the requirement. Construction Science and Management majors satisfy the requirement by completing a required internship for their degree program. In rare cases, Architecture and Interior Design majors unable to participate in an International Studies programs may petition the College, through the Department, for a waiver. Such waivers are reviewed by the Dean on a case-by-case basis and, if approved, allow participation in an alternative Signature Experience. Students are advised to consult the College website or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Undergraduate Studies for up-to-date International Studies and Signature Experience opportunities, applications, waivers, approval processes and forms.

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